Reviews & Interviews


Belinda Zhawi’s “Small Inheritances”

Belinda Zhawi’s debut pamphlet, Small Inheritances (Ignition), maps out the spaces where the speaker has lived, tracing a way back through the ‘dregs of south east london’ to a childhood in Zimbabwe.


poetry in aldeburgh roundup

Aldeburgh is a lovely seaside town lined with little shops, bakeries and cafés. As one of the poets, I was lucky enough to stay at Elizabeth Court, the artists’ accommodation, which was entirely booked for the festival


Interview with Pascale petit

Danne Jobin interviews Pascale Petit, winner of the 2018 RSL Ondaatje Prize and co-founder of the Poetry School, about rainforests, mothers and fathers, and trauma.


Interview with richard scott

Danne Jobin speaks with poet Richard Scott, author of Soho (Faber), about gay shame, the body, and openness.